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SilkRoad Cheat

This autoit script is designed to run on a computer running SRO which is botting.
It will then allow a admin script to get statistics about that SRO Client.

What can this script do?

Lots of things, it can show picture results, text results with no http server setup (for
future versions), it has alarms (currently only one alarm works), and allows you to chat
through that character if needed.

What features will this script have later?

First off, most things that are half done (framework ability was made first) will be
finished, those include: Text statistics, and alarms

It will include a auto party script, ability to accept/reject party invitations.
It will have character and pet health view/text stats, More commands that are sendable
(such as insert, end, leave party, accept party, accept guild/reject guild)

Ports will be customizable.

Currently that is all that is scheduled. This program was made in only 3 days so unlike
every other program this one will be finished and quickly! You wont have to wait years!

Q: How can I request a new feature?
A: Private message me on the forums that you saw this!

How do I use this script?

It requires a fair bit of setting up, so this is not for noobies. However if your able
to set it up, which most users should be able to do, then this program is a god send.

-Abyss web server.exe (or a http server setup on the sro bot machine) (to allow external
http file requests)
-PVW32con.exe (this is what turns the screen recordings into jpgs for compression)
-server.exe (this is what runs on the bot machine)
-client.exe (this is what you admin through!)

To start off we want to ensure we have a method to get our pictures. (Future versions will
not need this step) So to set up a http server I have included a free one which works great.

* If you are monitoring via the network you do NOT need to port forward. If you are planning
* to view this from another IP, you must allow port access for the web server!

Install the server software and get it running. Once running on the BOT MACHINE and properly
port forwarded you must place the server.exe in the htdocs folder (or anywhere where the files
produced by it can be downloaded directly). Place the PVW32con.exe with the server.exe.

After that, the server is almost done. You will need to allow port access for the software
also. You must open port 2545 for the script and run the server.exe

*Note as this point, you have 2 ports fowarded, 1 for http server, 1 for the script (2545)
*You have 2 files located in a htdocs folder where they are accessable via the internet.
*You have logged into SRO, started botting, started the server.exe.

Now for the client side, which is easy, you just need to know alot about the program.

All the client side needs is the client.exe and the bitmaps folder, and alarm.wav file.
When you start it up, you will see a few select options. You can have up to 10 monitors
and for each one you can select picture options (click save before switching to another one!)
You also have the ability to send select commands and enable alarms. (no support on these
features yet)

So once you are ready lets begin. Click on monitor 1. Now enter the IP address (for network use
it will be something like, For internet it may be After that
you must enter in the port (2545). Now you need to select the send command Connect then press
Send. If you are watching the server, you will notice it has accepted your connection.

From this point you choose on the left Manual updates or not. If you do not, the script will
update the monitor every time you switch to it and update every X amount of seconds. If not
it will only update when you click a button.

Now, click the add monitor button on the left. Monitor 1 should pop up. Depending on what you chose
for updating you will either see sample pictures or your client starting to show.
If you chose manual updates just click on the bottom of that window the Force Update button.

When you want to send text, you need to click the send text button. It will ask you what you want to say
and then send that to the server. The server will type that in SRO for you and send it.
Please note you will not know if it was successfully sent until the chat picture updates.

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