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Increase Experience Points

This is a great way of leveling up quicker. You must create a party first. Before starting a party, change the settings of the party. Press P to open the Party Window. Now choose 'Set'. Select Respective Experience instead of Distribution/Sharing. What's the difference between a Sharing party and a Respective party?

A Sharing party can invite up to seven members including the party leader which makes the party to eight. This is a great way to journey as a team, but the disadvantage of it... you only obtain such little experience points. Basically, this kind of partying is not recommened for most advanced players.

A Respective party can only invite up to three members including the party leader which makes it four in total. The huge advantage of this is that you'll obtain an experience points boost! Every player you invite to your party, you'll get a +20 EXP for each kill you do on a NPC. Example, a young tiger gives you only 240EXP on solo, while in a four member respective party, it becomes to 300EXP!!! NO SHARING!!! This is really, absolutely... VERY USEFUL to level up quickly.

I only ask that your party must be balanced. Meaning, players that are in range of your current level and able to work together as a team and travel together. Most importantly... make sure that your party members communicates... really, really important and check if he or she can speak English or any kind of language you speak. Also, players that are ~AFK~ and are not training you have the choice of banning he or she although, you still gain the experience boost while that player is ~AFK~. My suggestion is that you can keep he or she, but your not getting help from that player. Ban that player and invite another!

Take it from me, a party member leveled up three times in a hour and a half when I created a four member respective party.

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