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iSROBOT - SilkRoad Online Bot

1. What do I need to use the srobot?
A: You need to download the bot and have an bot account from either of the two sites above.

2. How much is it for a bot account?
A: For each payment of $7.50 USD, you will receive a credit of 90 points towards your Bot Card(each point is worth 2 hours of iSROBOT usage ,90 points comes out to 180 hours of usage).Besides ,we will give you another 10 points for fee(you can get 100 points for each payment)

3. How can I use paypal to buy the bot account?
A: Get in touch with an agent from one of the sites above. They will tell you how to do the transaction via paypal instead of e-gold and moneybookers.

4. Are there an cracks to make this free to use?
A: No, there are no cracks that are public that work.

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